What’s this about?

KI University initiative is all about knowledge-sharing, mentorship and empowering each other. It will act as a manifestation of the kind of values we strongly believe in at KI labs.

For now, plan is to do it bi-weekly on Thursdays 4 pm – 5 pm unless we don’t have any speaker. Remember, this is the first iteration and things will improve as we learn what works and what not. 

Some basic guidelines: -

For any kind of queries, contact Wahib via email or twitter.

Previous Talks

Session #9 - 26th Oct 2018

** Kotlin, What the hype?** by Wahib

Session #7 - 20th Sep 2018

Simple Cars with Complex Software by Josh

Pecha kucha Talk on web scraping by Nithish

Session #6 - 24th August 2018

Neural Style and Deepfakes by Martin

Session #5 - 2nd August 2018

PAEI model 101 by Rishat

Session #4 - 21st June 2018

No slides to publish

Session #3 - 7th June 2018

What’s in the Toolbox by Mustafa

Hack your way to create a Website/Blog by Wahib

Functional Programming 101 by Rishat

Session #2 - 24th May 2018

Block chain Basics by Riswan

Introduction to Blockchain technology

Path to impact: People by Danial

This is a general talk how to work with people better and scale your impact radius.

Session #1 - 3rd May 2018

Google Design Sprint by Wahib

Internationalisation and Localisation in Django 2.0 by Ahmed