What’s this about?

KI University initiative is all about knowledge-sharing, mentorship and empowering each other. It will act as a manifestation of the kind of values we strongly believe in at KI labs.

For now, plan is to do it bi-weekly on Thursdays 4 pm – 5 pm unless we don’t have any speaker. Remember, this is the first iteration and things will improve as we learn what works and what not. 

Some basic guidelines: -

For any kind of queries, contact Wahib via email or twitter.

Previous Talks

Session: 21st Feb 2019

Automating boring stuff with smart devices and IFTTT by Samat

What are linux containers? by Zeynel

What are linux containers and how to build one from scratch using golang

Session: 10th Jan 2019

Software Architecture for Distributed Systems by Felix

Session: 26th Oct 2018

Kotlin, What the hype? by Wahib

Session: 20th Sep 2018

Simple Cars with Complex Software by Josh

Pecha kucha Talk on web scraping by Nithish

Session: 24th August 2018

Neural Style and Deepfakes by Martin

Session: 2nd August 2018

PAEI model 101 by Rishat

Session: 21st June 2018

No slides to publish

Session: 7th June 2018

What’s in the Toolbox by Mustafa

Hack your way to create a Website/Blog by Wahib

Functional Programming 101 by Rishat

Session: 24th May 2018

Block chain Basics by Riswan

Introduction to Blockchain technology

Path to impact: People by Danial

This is a general talk how to work with people better and scale your impact radius.

Session: 3rd May 2018

Google Design Sprint by Wahib

Internationalisation and Localisation in Django 2.0 by Ahmed